Summer menu

Ask our staff for recommendations.


  • Grilled flat bread and brown butter4
  • Creme fraiche, dill and smoked paprika4
  • Hummus, lemon yogurt and za'atar6
  • Gem lettuce, grilled avocado and smoked salmon12/24
  • Smoked tartar, shallot and jalapeno12/24
  • Charcuterie, olives and cheese16

Main dishes

  • Open top sandwich with smoked pork belly, gem lettuce and buttermilk dressing18
  • Grilled harissa-cauliflower, hazelnuts and tahini yoghurt23
  • Salmon, gem lettuce and citron-anchovy sauce 27
  • Whole grilled fish of the day31
  • Beef entrecôte, smoked potato salad, almonds and capers32
  • Six weeks dry aged beef entrecôte, smoked potato salad, almonds and capers78 (for two)


  • Strawberry, blood orange sorbet and granola with nuts10
  • Chocolate cake with Sichuan-caramel and mandarin sorbet10