Vappu brunch
52 €

The brunch includes all of the starters, one of the main courses and one dessert

  • Starters

  • Grilled flat bread with brown butter
  • Hummus with a herb yoghurt
  • White asparagus with feta cheese, roasted almond and lemon dressing
  • Werner´s smoked beef tartar

From the grill

  • Meat:
  • Grilled beef sirloin with endives and spicy damson sauce
  • OR
  • Fish:
  • Grilled white fish with fennel-apple sauce and lemon saffron vinaigrette
  • OR
  • Vegetarian:
  • Grilled cauliflower with green asparagus and harissayoghurt

  • Dessert:
  • Grilled rhubarb, blood orange sorbet and rose